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Saturday morning drive down to Oakland Hills in Arnold, and we park next to the leasing office.

Cherry blossoms rain their pink petals, pressing against our faces on our way to our new place.

Slip in the key and turn.

So many things our current apartment at Glen Ridge does not have. Concrete between floors. Stucco and brick outside, blocking noise. Huge, private balcony. Golf course view. Two bedrooms. A coat closet with its own light. A foyer with its own light. A mirror wall. A breakfast nook. Washer, dryer, dishwasher. Walk-in closets and a lit vanity in both the bathroom and master bedroom.

Neighborhood filled with birdsong and puppies instead of oompa-loompa music and racing engines.

Wildlife and fresh blooms instead of sad and wilted dead plants beneath a sign from the 1970s.

Dog walkers and golfers instead of gun shots and heavy swagger.

We wanted to stay there forever, but it was time to sign the lease. An hour later, lease signed, and wall colors picked out. They are painting our walls for us. Blue. =)

Excitement over a sushi lunch with my mother where Greg tells my mother he wants to marry me.

In an excited daze the rest of the weekend.

I guess dreams can come true.

We get access to our new place on Friday and can begin moving in then. I need to schedule BGE, Comcast, renters' insurance, UHaul trucks, and talk to friends to coordinate moving the big heavy stuff.

Overwhelmed with joy. We're going to live in a safe and quiet place.

And there's also big projects due and final exams and all that jazz.


Hi!. I'm Jen, fiance to Greg, college student, and future crazy cat lady. I love makeovers, decorating, collecting random facts, trivia, playing show and tell, camp movies, shopping, libraries, random singing, random dancing, snuggling, and loafing. Oh, and watching Glee.

Greg has been my partner in crime for nine years. I've known him since high school; he is my soulmate and best friend. He's an actor, a playwright, a poet and works in data entry. We spend most of our time laughing hysterically. We're thinking about getting married sometime this decade and adopting our first cat sometime in the next few weeks.


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