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Not sure if you're here for this, but there is this awesome blog ( that has shown me the error of my ways.

As someone who has always been rather developed, I was pretty sure that DDD was the highest one could go in bra size unless you were some weird freak with a medical issue. (That wasn't offensive at all, no. Heh. Sorry.) That's a pretty ignorant stance, but even the department stores only seemed to have that size as the biggest in stock. The smallest band size with the biggest cup size that I could find anywhere was 40D, so I went with that and decided that it was the best I could do. Hey, if it's good enough for Gretchen, it's good enough for me, yes? As it was, my actual band size fluctuates between 36 and 38, and they have maybe 6 bras at DD or higher in that range and none of them were ever in stores ever.

So for months I looked like this in a bra:

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(40D - Fashion Bug » Balconette Bra (35124))


But also not sexy. Not only did I have size boob and quad boob, I had no support in the band. I walked around with shoulder pain, back pain, and saggy chest. Just not attractive, no matter how much boob was on display within the bra. I also looked fat, because my waist was covered up and the bra made me look like I had armpit fat.

I started trying on dresses at the mall and all of them were overtaken by my chest. Not in a sexy Pamela Anderson way. More like Frosty the Snowman in a dress effect. I looked pregnant most of the time because if it fit my chest it covered up my waist entirely. It was this that made me ask WWCHD (What Would Christina Hendricks Do?)

I mean, where do people with these proportions find underwear and dresses?

According to Sophia Jenner, Ms. Hendricks is not wearing the right bra. Also, she might not even know her size!


So I asked myself, "Oh yeah, Sophia? Well what size are you if you're so perfect and where do you find your bras?"

Turns out she's 30GG (a 30J here in the States, gang).

I was shocked. Shocked! And why? Because Sophia knows how to work 'em. She knows how to find a bra that is pretty, keeps her supported, and keeps her in check. She doesn't look over the top. I was also shocked to find they even make bras that size.

It is because of this lady that I was finally able to go bra shopping and find something with full coverage for the first time ever:

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(38GG - Elomi » Hermione (8120))

And okay, it's kind of Cafeteria Lady-ish, but it's a start. It's comfortable. It covers me. It supports me. It lifts. I'm not spilling out everywhere. Also? I feel thinner. There are inches of tiny, 32 inch waist beneath my chest that haven't seen the light of day in some time and I like that.

Now that I finally, finally know my size and that there are a variety of bras out there, all it takes is for me to get over the sticker shock of paying beaucoup bucks or an eye for bargains. I can buy lacy ones, sheer ones, polka dot ones and all kinds of crazy amazing styles and brands. I can tell my Gil Chestertons YOU CAN BE PRETTY FINALLY! YOU CAN BE PRETTY LIKE YOU WANTED.

Thank you Sophia for helping me see the error of my ways!
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Hi!. I'm Jen, fiance to Greg, college student, and future crazy cat lady. I love makeovers, decorating, collecting random facts, trivia, playing show and tell, camp movies, shopping, libraries, random singing, random dancing, snuggling, and loafing. Oh, and watching Glee.

Greg has been my partner in crime for nine years. I've known him since high school; he is my soulmate and best friend. He's an actor, a playwright, a poet and works in data entry. We spend most of our time laughing hysterically. We're thinking about getting married sometime this decade and adopting our first cat sometime in the next few weeks.


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