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Author's note: I am not reviewing a device, simply the act of this form of hair removal.

I read on Squawkfox that epilators are the way of the future or something. Buy one and you never have to buy a razor again and the hair grows back less edgy.

I've always enjoyed tweezing hair, but the best part about tweezing is that you can take a break between hairs. Epilators rip out a bunch of hairs at once, so it feels like something is burning or biting the crap out of your leg. They do not feel like a soft caress. They feel like a mild murder. However you pretty much know when all the long hairs are gone because that's when your leg stop feeling like it's caught in a bear trap. Or maybe it just goes numb after a while, like a victim who loses its spirit.

Date: 2012-01-04 04:38 am (UTC)
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Yeah. This is pretty much the soft caress you get from an epilator:


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